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Our Story and What we are About

Our company is a one of a kind floral experience 

and our clients is our "Why". We specialize in event design, specifically weddings. We work with brides all over the United States and create beautiful floral arrangements. We listen, design and encourage your input because after all, its your event! No matter what we do our core values exist in every piece of work. QUALITY. JOY. UNIQUENESS. This is what you can expect from Blush and Blossoms Co.

Meet The Team

Floral Experts at Your Service

Mary Hagemeister

Owner/Lead Designer

Hello! My name is Mary. The handsome man making me laugh would be my husband Chris. Together we own

Blush & Blossoms Co.

Creating arrangements for your wedding is what we are all about! I love listening to that  amazing vision each and every bride has. Your ideas and design inspire me. Each design is so unique and shows so much personality. From the choice of flowers, to the color scheme. I take time to hear you, really listen and understand your vision for lets face it.. 


Back tracking to our Why. I started this business with the intent to really help brides. This has always been my driver. Being a florist I always love those beautiful blooms. For my wedding I wanted to sit back and relax.. I didn't want to take on that task but ended up doing so after experiencing a few florists where I felt more like number than a client. Know that with us, you will always be our priority.

While I take care of your amazing design, Chris makes sure all the numbers add up. We are the dream team of any company but I'm so glad its this one.

Besides my love for flowers, I'm a math kind of girl as well. My background is in finance but the creative side of me needed an outlet, thus an idea of a floral event business came about and Blush and Blossoms was born. I am a mom of 2 beautiful girls. Chris and I have fun keeping up while our littlest really runs the house hold. 

Leticia Hagemeister

Floral Assistant

Leticia has been with me from the beginning.

Going on 5 years of floral experience she is my right hand on all the important details. Tish will keep the details straight so that I can focus on the designs.  

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